Mount Tambora: A Critical Understanding

Hello, and welcome to the public output portion (click here for audio) of my history senior research seminar. My research focused on the Weather, Politics, and Riots which broke out across Great Britain around the years 1815 to 1818. During this time a wave of civil disturbances and food riots would wash across Great Britain. Many historians attribute these disturbances to a depressed post-war economy, failing trade cycles, poor political decisions made by Parliament, and a working class transitioning from an agrarian to an industrial lifestyle. While these are all factors that led to rioting, I am adding in another. The weather of 1816 in Britain was some of the worst recorded in recent human history, with the average temperature falling 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit across the entire British Isles.[1] The weather of 1816 is important for explaining many of the economic and agricultural failings of the latter part of the…

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