In 2014 I retired from teaching History at the relatively young age of 55 and wanted to continue my interest. In the autumn of that year I attended a WEA ( Workers’ Educational Association)  course on great law cases in British History. This was the work of a remarkable tutor called Peter Blood who made it look effortless. One week the subject was Crim. Con.( adultery)  cases from late Georgian England. The era of the Regency attracted med immensely- I was hooked. I started a blog on WordPress ( hi!)  and regarded it as a  lovely hobby, with a bit of third party validation as people read my blog. After a year, my wife reminded me that somebody famous once said that only a fool writes for free and suggested that I send my work to a publisher.

Much to my surprise it was accepted. That was a year ago. It takes ages to get it ready; as we speak today -July 25th- I have just sent of the index to the publisher but there is a long way to go- publication is on November 30th.

I am just sorry I waited a year. If you are in the same situation as me and you are wavering; I suggested that you do it. What can you lose?

The blog contains different material to the book; if you like the blog you will like the book. If you want a copy of the book, try here.

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From Pen and Sword